Hello There!


I’m Lara, but some people call me Sparkles because that was my roller derby name. Well, Princess Rainbow Sparkles. I love sparkly things, dogs, unicorns, house plants, travel, dogs, my family, elephants… in fact, I love a lot of things. But mainly, dogs.


I’m that person that jumps up and down when their favourite song comes on, cries when I see old people hold hands and runs over to pat the closest dog (horse, cat, lizard). I’m pretty excited by this life that I’m living and the gypsy blood from my mum’s side of the family gives me a longing for new adventures.


As cliche as it sounds, my family is literally the bestest part of my life. I live with my partner of a mazillion (15) years and teenage son in a tiny apartment in Brisbane’s West. Whilst it’s a tiny place for the backdrop of our life together, it is always filled with friends, dogs and family.


Our littlest family member joined us two years ago as a rescue dog – Duke, the Pomeranian. He has three legs, a big smile and a grand personality! Weekends where I’m not being a part of another family’s big events will find us adventuring through the back catalogue of Star Trek and Netflix together.



Hi, I’m Susie!


My friends joke that I live the Yang life (my last name is Yang… there’s a bit of Taoist Yin/Yang humour for ya’) but the truth is I’m definitely a bit of both.


I love meeting new people but you’re also more likely to find me in the corner patting the dog if I’m at a party. When I get excited about a new hobby or project, I go balls to wall (last month it was embroidery) until I really need a nice long nap… I absolutely love cooking, especially for my loved ones and friends using free-range, organic ingredients but at the same time I’ve felt the call of the sneaky Maccas run.


It sounds a little crazy but the love of my life is my rescue dog Ginnifer. (Sorry, Jack my boyfriend!) I picked her up from a shelter in 2010 and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She’s my numero uno adventure and nap buddy.


When I travel there’s two things I look for – good food and weird and wonderful attractions. I will happily chat about certain meals I’ve had or the teapot museum I made my poor boyfriend go to in the Blue Mountains.


I’ve been lucky enough in my life to play roller derby (the most fun you can have hitting people on eight wheels!) which has allowed me to travel, make awesome friends (include Lara!) and I can now do things is skates I can’t even do in sneakers! I’m retired now but I’ve switched to boxing to keep those fightin’ skills up.


I absolutely believe that everyone has a secret superpower – mine is finding specific groceries at the supermarket, what’s yours?

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